Best and Worst Of List


Best Food

  • Vietnam
  • South Africa

Worst Food

  • China

Best Wine

  • South Africa

Worst Wine

  • China
  • India

Best Tipping

  • China (won’t take tips)

Worst Tipping

  • India (everyone expects tips)


Best Hotel

  • India (Marari Beach)
  • South Africa (Manor 38)

Worst Hotel 

  • Dubai (JW Marriott)

Best Internet Availability

  • China

Worst Internet Availability

  • India
  • South Africa

Worst Internet Connectivity

  • China (our own blog was censored)


Best Service

  • Thailand (Phuket)

Best Post Office

  • Vietnam (they came to our hotel)

Worst Post Office

  • India (horrible; might be on lunch break)
  • South Africa (no packaging material)


Worst Traffic

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand (Bangkok)

Worst Pedestrian Right-Away

  • China

Best Boat Ride

  • Vietnam (Halong Bay)
  • South Africa (Sunset Cruise)
  • China (Bamboo Raft)

Worst Boat Ride

  • China (Three Gorges)

Temples and Monuments

Best Temples & Churches & Palaces

  • Cambodia (Ta Phrom)
  • Cambodia (Angkor Wat + Tomb)
  • India (Jain Temple, Udaipur)
  • India (Palace, Udaipur)
  • India (Amber Fort, Jaipur)

Best Monuments

  • China (Great Wall)
  • China (Terra Cotta Warriors)
  • India (Taj)
  • Brazil (Cristos)


Best Live Show

  • China (Kung Fu, Beijing)
  • China (Light Show, Yangshuo)


Best Wild Life Encounters

  • Thailand (Tigers)
  • China (Pandas)
  • Thailand (Elephants)
  • South Africa (Lions)
  • South Africa (Cheetahs)
  • South Africa (Safari)
  • India (Monkeys)

Worst Wild Life Encounters

  • Thailand (Leopards)
  • India (Elephants)

Best Starry Sky

  • South Africa (Entabeni)
  • India (Marari Beach)

Worst Starry Sky

  • China (No Stars)

Best Beach

  • India (Marari Beach)
  • Thailand (Phuket)
  • Brazil (Rio)


Best Animal Control

  • China

Worst Animal Control

  • India

Worst Manners

  • China

Worst Children Begging

  • Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
  • India

Worst Smoking

  • Brazil

Worst Air Quality

  • China (Beijing)

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