We finally got around to posting some more photos! Yay. Check out the Bejing entry.

We are heading to Cambodia today and will add more photos to the other entries as well.


3 responses to “Photos”

  1. Elke Nicholls says:

    I can’t find any pictures. Hope you are feeling better Catherine after your fall. We think of you guys all the time. Hang in there in Cambodia.
    Love from BFFElke and “Tante” Elke

  2. Marc says:

    Hi Elke,
    you have to go back to the Bejing posting. :-) Here’s the link:

  3. Elke Nicholls says:

    Marc/Catherine….are you sending us more newsy items? We haven’t heard from you in a long long time. Please write. Love from Chicago. Elke and Al

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