Twas the night before the journey…

So…officially Tempis is wonderful. I heart her so much. She saved our sorry asses tonight. We were sort of ‘packed’. We had piles of clothes overflowing in our suitcases (1 rolling duffle each). Tempis came over, spent 5 hours with us and kicked our packing buts. She busted me trying to sneak in an extra tank top and insisted that 30 pairs of underwear were far too much. ok, ok, she was totally right.

We are now packed. A few things didn’t come off of our to-do list, but alas, we have our passports and all of our visas. We are as ready as we will ever be to get the show on the road.

This morning, neither one of us had our passports. We leave tomorrow morning at 7 am. My passport was at the Brazilian embassy. I at least knew where mine was. Marc’s was somewhere en route home from the Indian embassy. OF COURSE, the embassy didn’t have a UPS tracking number. We were so hopeful it was going to arrive by courier today. I confirmed with our concierge that UPS delivers between 1 and 2 pm. We were sweating, but low and behold, Marc’s passport arrived AND I finally got my visa for Brazil.

The weather, at least for the start of our journey is going to be HOT. Hong Kong is going to be 33. eff me. I will melt. I am not a hot climate girl. We’ll see how we make out. I have packed all of the summer clothes that I didn’t get to wear this year.

This evening I actually made a reservation for New Year’s Eve. People think I am crazy when I ask them what their plans are, but it will be around the corner when we get back. Lidia finally said to me, let us get through Thanksgiving before we are talking about New Years.
Stay tuned.

In the next three months I plan to describe:
a) cuddling a tiger
b) blowing in an elephant’s trunk
c) petting a cheetah
d) hanging with a panda

it is indeed going to be globe-trotting world wildlife adventure. Only a few more hours to go!
So off we go. 15.5 hours of direct flight from YYZ to Hong Kong. We’ll see everyone on the flip slide 3 months from now.

big kisses, big purrs.
^..^ kitty and the Germ


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  1. Big says:

    Yeahhh!! Can’t wait for updates.

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