Last Night’s Bon Voyage

I don’t think the reality has set in that we are going. Last night=super fun. We had an extended guest list at the Spoke, an amazing night and fantastic turnout. I love seeing my peeps and they were indeed there in droves. I wore a DVF dress that is covered in airplanes. I thought it was very thematic. I can’t imagine that I won’t be seeing most of these people until the New Year. I also can’t imagine that I am actually going to be gone for 13 weeks. Jenny C–pregnant with twins, on bedrest, made it to last night’s Bon Voyage. JoJo, just had Lily a week ago. Kelly just had Reed two weeks ago. They were all there. It was fantastic. I was so happy that they were able to be there.

My current biggest stresses are

a) Packing
Tempis is coming to help me edit once I get back from Alaska (I leave tomorrow at 6 am). I had a nice little list that I was working from, but in my usual style, I started throwing stuff in the bag. There is far too much.

b) Laundry
I can’t stop thinking about it and am very hopeful it isn’t a huge issue. Imagine coming home after a 3-week trip. You could pretty much guarantee that the first thing you do on your return is empty the entire contents of your bag into the washing machine. We would do the same, except we won’t be home for another 10 weeks.

c) Brazil
I still don’t have a visa. I could get one this week, but alas, I am in Alaska and need it.

On Monday, September 21, I will go to the embassy early. Thank God it is around the corner (Bay and Bloor–over top of the TD bank). I will give them my passport, travel documents and pray that they can turn it around in a day. If not, I will pick up my passport on Tuesday and be without a Brazillian visa. Keep in mind, I have been working on getting the visas since the end of June. Brazil has not made life easy. Marc has an EU passport and doesn’t need a visa to enter Brazil.

But really, last night’s bon voyage party at the spoke was a huge success. I hope that it is an indicator for the fabulous things to come in the next few months. Thank you to everyone who came. I felt so loved and so blessed to have THE most incredible people in my life. I am one lucky bitch.


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