Kee Club versus the Spoke Club

So last night we went to the Kee Club in Hong Kong. One of the Spoke’s reciprocal clubs. Let me say–formidable. First of all, it was full of French people which of course I just ate up. The club itself was significantly smaller, with no outdoor space. The decore was a lot more Euro glam (tres francais) and the menu couldn’t have been more different. First of all, I got a menu with no prices. So French. Next, the menu only lists the ingredients of what was in the dish–not what the dish was or even a description. We had really no idea of what we were getting, how it was prepared or exactly just what we were in for. Needless to say, it was innovative and absolutely fantastic.

Soo much fun!

Soo much fun!

The club has 2 levels. We ate on the second floor. After dinner, it was 70s and 80s music. The first floor was house music. We were told that the Singapore Grand Prix was on this weekend and as a result, the club was more quiet than usual. We thought there were a lot of people.

We left at 1:30 and it was nowhere near shutting down.

Kitty & The Germ at the Kee Club

Kitty & The Germ at the Kee Club

The club is in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong (the English, expat area) and when we left the club, you would have thought it was Mardi Gras. Marc thought it was Spring break in Cancun. Absolutely wild.

The streets were packed

The streets were packed

We had such a fantastic time at the Kee Club in Hong Kong, we are now going to go to the Kee Club in Shanghai which is supposedly very different.

More on that later!


5 responses to “Kee Club versus the Spoke Club”

  1. AMT says:

    You’re both looking very glamourous for living out of backpacks!

  2. Mike Shore says:

    Fantastic that you went and thank you for sharing! I wonder how many Spoke Club members make it over there… not as many as should, perhaps. But your experience certainly proves how valuable these reciprocal arrangements are. Enjoy the rest of your trip! xo M

  3. bryan says:

    i agree with ATM…but i never expected to see kitty in sweats and a ratty tshirt.
    hope you’re both having a blast!

  4. Linhuy says:

    Thank you for this . i love it !

  5. Mapandy says:

    Thank you for this . i love it !

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